viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Vocal Booth Weekender 2011

Line-up prácticamente confirmado, aquí os dejo el cartel oficial...

Y un "temporary flyer" con casi todos los aritstas con colaborarán en la edición de este año.
Fijaros bien

Más información muy pronto

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

2011 Special Birthday Mix

01 MICHAEL JACKSON. Rock with you (frankie knuckles remix)
02 KENNY DOPE f JOSH MILAN. Pygmie jam (96' conga pass)
03 KEM. Heaven (marlon d & groove assassin remix)
04 SAMBA & RONILO ft KADIJA KAMARA. More (more mix)
05 BUTCH. Got the funk
06 PEVEN EVERETT. Burning hot (timmy regisford remix)
07 ALTON MILLER & AMP FIDDLER. When the morning comes (phil asher's restless soul dub)
08 BLACK COFFEE f THIWE. Crazy (quentin harris remix)
10 HIPPIE TORRALES & GEORGE MENA present ROBIN REED. Wastelands (jonny montana & craig stewart soulful mix)
11 MICKY MORE. A touch of jazz (scott wozniak mix)
12 BAH SAMBA. Reach Inside (sean mccabe vocal mix)
13 BLAZE ft SYBIL. When I fall in love (knee deep disco club mix)
14 ROY AYERS & KERRI CHANDLER. Good vibrations (onionz protect da vibe dub)
16 MAS COLLECTIVE ft JUDY PETERSON. Release your minf (spen & karizma mix)
17 DJ SPEN presents ASSURANCE. And be glad in it (vocal mix)
18 CHIEKO KINBARA. Changed my life (code red vocal)
20 DJ SPEN & THE MUTHAFUNKAZ ft ANN NESBY. It's so easy (kiko navarro ocho dub)
21 SIJI. Ijo (original vox)
22 QUENTIN HARRIS. My joy (kiko navarro southport remix)
23 KERRI CHANDLER. Atmospheric beats (extendend)
24 AFRO CELT SOUND SYSTEM. Release (maw main vox)

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domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

11.02 deep in my soul

01 THE RURALS ft JAIDANE VEDA. Into life (glenn underground's kiss fusion mix) -peng-
02 CORINNE BAILEY RAE. Like a Star (cecil's mind mix)
03 DJ ROLAND CLARK. Sparrow (kai alce remix) -delete records-
04 PRISS. On my way (main mix) -offering-
05 DASOUL & FABRY DIGLIO ft JOE FLAME. Broken love (dub mix) -soundmen on wax-
06 JOSE CARRETAS. Guerrero (final mix) -restless soul music-
07 MR. V ft ATHENE NOELLE. Innamorata (vocal final mastered) -silver blue productions-
08 PM PROJECT. Corners of my soul (son liva remix) -son liva-
09 JON CUTLER ft PETE SIMPSON. Living (83 west remix) -distant-
10 FRANCK ROGER. Let's go down (main) -real tone records-
11 OSKIDO ft MR. V. South Africa (franck roger remix) -house afrika-
12 ML FACTOR ft MONIQUE. City Streets (city streets) -imusic underground-
13 MARLON D. Cool Breeze (NYC mix) -underground collective-

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viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Corner of The Park Street 11.01

01 ACTIVE FORCE. Give me Your love (12 inch specially extended version) -A&M Records-
02 TOMMY LARGO. Wanna get down (blacklodge remix) -alphabet music-
03 HOT TODDY. Late night boogie -smoke n mirrors-
04 GLENN UNDERGROUND. Funky Disco Fusion -Strictly Jazz Unit Muzic US-
05 BEN WESTBEECH. Falling (original extended mix) -strictly rhytm-
06 CASSIAN. Nobody (original mix) -Bang Gang 12inches-
07 DANISM. Love the way (crazy p remix) -defected-
08 TRACKS. Long train running (classic version) -purple music-
09 CAJMERE & GENE FARRIS. Edge of the looking glass -cajual-
10 B. ORIGINAL ft JORDAN GUY. Remixes and Rarities -Pin Up Recordings-
11 TIMOS & PARIS LIAMIS ft JULIAN SIMTH. Hey hoe (original mix) -sonido-
12 ILIJA RUDMAN. Call me tonight (the revenge 1-800 mix) -red music-
13 KERRI CHANDLER. My moody life -Madhouse records-
14 HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR. My house (tensnake remix) -moshi moshi records-

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viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

11.03 soulful mix

01 SOUL ELEMENT f PEVEN EVERETT & MAURICE JOSHUA. Groove thang (main mix) -house 4 life-
02 VICK LAVENDER ft DAVID GLEN. Another girl (guitar dub) -sophisticado-
03 RANDOM SOUL. Hypnotize me (random soul classic mix) -random soul recordings-
04 MONTANA & STEWART ft SOFIA RUBINA. I need u back (original) -universe media-
05 KENNY DOPE ft JOSH MILAN. Stay with me (kenny dope main mix) -dope wax-
06 MARK DI MEO ft NICKSON. Change (latin instrumental) -spirit sound records-
07 TORTURED SOUL. You founda away (art of tones classic vocal mix) -lazy days-
08 ZIGGY FUNK ft TALIWA. Everyday (yass classic mix) -foliage records-
09 KENNY CARPENTER. Heaven knows (kenny carpenter vocal) -tony records-
10 DAWN TALLMAN. Don't let it fall (main mix) -aquasol-
11 INAYA DAY & RALF GUM. Lose my worries (louis benedetti vocal mix) -GOGO music-
12 Mr D. Serious (bobby & steve groove odyssey mix master) -groove odyssey-
13 JOHN JULIUS KNIGHT. U (original mix) -black list-
14 THOMAS BRENNER ft ANDREA LOVE. Still in love (richard earnshaw remix) -mn2s-

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viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

11.02-02 soulful mix

01 RANDY MULLER BOOM CHANG BANG. Devotion (tom moulton classic mega mix) -plaza-
02 JULIE DEXTER. Make you dance (vick lavender's sophisticado all soul dub) -sophisticado-
03 TOM GLIDE & THE LUV ALL STAR ft TIO. Luv Is Comin Up (chirs bangs soul in one remix) -expansion-
04 RAOUL KAHN. Thinking about you (ross couch remix) -eight fifteen-
05 KIMARA LOVELACE. TIme after time (mike labirt's soulful new jersey house mix) -New Generation Records-
06 SONNY FODERA ft BRU FAVE & RON E. Lose myself (classic mix) -SHE recordings-
07 DARIO MARTINO ft DEEPVOICE. So special (main mix) -Spirit Sound Records-
08 MIRCO SONATORE. You can heard (classic mix) -music plan-
09 PAGANY ft NYLES SANKO. Another star (roby arduni & pagany soulful mix) -purpel music-
10 BYRON STINGILY. It's all Jesus (sean mccabe dub mix) -Spiritually Sound-
11 LEROYAL Promise (to love you forever) (muthafunkaz vocal) -code red-
12 WORLD OF COLOUR. Who Cares (christian alvarez remix) -Metrogroove-
13 FRANKIE KNUCKLES & THE SHAPESHIFTERS. The ones you love (dj meme remix) -Nocturnal Groove Digital-
14 CENTRAL AVENUE & GRAHAM SAHARA. Don't quite get it (original mix) -purple tracks-

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jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

11.02 soulful mix

01 KEMETIC JUST fT TERRENCE DOWNS. I got life (dj spinna's galactic soul mix) -NDTAL muzik-
02 DASOUL & FABRY DIGLIO. Sea of Love (jose carretas remix) -son liva-
03 DJN PROJECT ft FREEWAY. Lady (classic mix)
04 P'TAAH ft MONDAY MICHIRU. The cosmic laws (phil asher restless soul vocal ) -street king-
05 YOHANN LEVEMS ft DONNA HIDALGO. Vendetta (carlos vargas classic mix) -daddy funk-
06 TIMMY REGISFORD ft GEORGIA CEE. How does this feel -tribe records-
07 DASOUL & FABRY DIGLIO. Sun city (limestone mix) -son liva-
08 ANTONIO & ANTOINETTE OCASIO. One dream, Our dream (dance mix) -tribal winds-
09 MONIQUE BINGHAM. You. me. world (ralf gum go go music vocal) -bigga sounds-
10 STEPHANIE COOKE. Thinkin I'm Beautiful (sean mccabe unreleased vocal dub) -king street-
11 DJ OJI ft CAROLYN VICTORIAN. Everything u want (unreleased sax mix) -nite grooves-
12 KIMARA LOVELACE. I luv you more (sean mccabe demo mix) -king street-
13 PHIL ASHER & THE MIGHTY ft ZANSIKA. Shakin' It up (PA mix) -restless soul music-
14 THE DJOON EXPERIENCE ft KENNY BOBIEN. Old landmark (timmy regisford production) -tribe records-

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sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

11.01 deep mix

01 ALEX MARTIN & TONI ROX present ZOULCRAFT. Charadeo -Xtrasolar records-
02 DIOGO SALVADOR & WALKER G. London City -soul shift music-
03 HALO & KEMAL ft MICHELLE WEEKS. Come together (abicah soul dub) -
04 ALEX MARTIN & TONI ROX present ZOULCRAFT. Special music -Xtrasolar records-
05 JAY TRIPWIRE. Sad and Beautiful world -save you records-
06 MARK & STEVENS. The quest -Hub City Music-
07 JAY TRIPWIRE. Trapher keepher -save you records-
08 EVAN EVANS. Repitition (art of tones remix) -Instruments of Rapture-
09 ALEXANDER EAST. Supposed 2 be (audio soul project remix) -3345 music-
10 TONI BRAXTON. Make my heart (the layabouts deepen our hearts dub) -code red-
11 TRACKS. Long train running (jamie lewis psyco disco mix) -purple music-
12 CAJMERE & GENE FARRIS. The warehouse -cajual-
13 SANDY RIVERA & RAE. Hide U (quentin harris remix) -defected-
14 THE GATHERING. In my System (the revenge remix) -silver network-

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lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

11.01 soulful mix

First mix of the year
The fifteen soulful songs this month

01 JUJU & JORDASH. Same ol' day (ferrispark studio mix) -ferrispark us-
02 MARCELO CRUZ & KAI ALCE. Innersoul (original mix) -deepnsound-
03 JUCEE. Singer (temple movement remix) -nextmove-
04 DJ KENNY RAY. Dancin on a cloud (original) -unified-
05 TOM CONRAD ft JAIDENE VEDA. The one (reelsoul remix) -adaptation music-
06 REEL PEOPLE ft DARIEN. Sure (frankie feliciano classic vocal mix) -reel people music-
07 THE CATHERING. In my system (soul minority remix) -silver network-
08 TOMO INOUE ft STEPHANIE COOKE. Better (feliciano mix) -king street-
09 SOULBASICS. City lite (ny groove mix) -grooveland music-
10 ALEX GARCIA ft BROOKE RUSSELL. You are my joy (mark di meo remix) -tricicle recordings-
11 AARON CARL & G MITCHELL OF LOS HERMANOS. Oasis (g. mitchell remix) -superb-
12 TIMMY REGISFORD ft LYNN LOCKAMY. At the club (timmy regisford & adam rios remix) -tribe records-
13 NIEL PIERCE ft DAWN TALLMAN. Get out of my head (muthafunkaz vox) -mn2s-
14 JULIUS PAPP & DAVE WARRIN. Disco Moroder (original w-sax mix) -neo disco-
15 TOMMY LARGO. Ripple in time (giano remix) -alphabet music-

miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

For The Love of Soulful vol. 11

01 DJ ROLAND CLARK. sometimes in april (main mix) -delete records-
02 ANTO VITALE. dreamland -prog city deep-
03 JOSE CARRETAS ft SABRINA CHYLD. let's scape (original mix) -son liva-
04 SAMBA & RONILO ft KADIJA KAMARA. more (more mix) -soul heaven-
05 PARK STREET f RAINY PAYNE. ex ray (colin sales global groove vocal remix) -universe media-
06 CHOSEN FEW DJS. the theme (terry hunter sax groove mix) -ts box-
07 TONI BRAXTON. make my heart (muthafunkaz psychoghettodisco mix) -code red-
08 REDSOUL & RASHAAN HOUSTON. you inspire me (redsoul dubstrumental) -playmore-
09 SOUL ELEMENT f PEVEN EVERETT. how bad i want ya (main radio mix) -house 4 life-
10 IAN FRIDAY ft CHRIS ROB. found myself (bang the drum instrumental) -tea party music-
11 EDMUND ft NATASHA WATTS. fantasy (original) -daddy funk-
12 MUZZAIK ft ZAIDA. work it (dave mayer remix) -dublife-
13 JOEY NEGRO & THE SUNBURST BAND. rough times (sean mccabe nu-disco vocal mix) -z records-
14 JAY-J ft BRIAN BAM MORGAN. getting a rise (deep josh tv) -shifted music-

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jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Corner of The Park Street

01 FLASH ATKINS ft DANIELLE. make your move (ashley beedle remix) -PAPERecordings-
02 THE REVENGE. forever in their debt (the revenges pitched down mix) -Home Taping is Killing Music-
03 DUFF DISCO. dalston -Composite Records-
04 TONE CONTROL ft JAMES B. COLEMAN. without your love (dj spinna galactic soul vocal mix) -Tone Control-
05 BLACK POWDER ft ADEOLA SHYLLON. one chance (love over money wana be from 83 MIX) -Tone Control-
06 JD73. love will save the day (jd73 extended mix) -Z Records-
07 FAZE ACTION. starship (taras 3000 dub mix) -Faze Action-
08 JOEY NEGRO. why (hot toddy boogiefied mix) -Z Records-
09 HATI MUNETSI. ceremony (jt donaldson mid 90s deep remix) -large-
10 BRANDON BASS. megans disco -Aspect Audio -
11 MIGUEL MIGS ft PEVEN EVERETT. love we had (miguel migs original vocal) -Salted Music-
12 KIKO NAVARRO ft KOKI. acidez (al velilla rework 1) -Modern Electrics-
13 COUER D'AMOUR. wild lovin (original mix) -Stardust Records-

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jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

For The Love of Soulful vol. 10

Back to the roots for the tenth released of For The Love of Soulful.
Soulful in its purest form

01 STEAL VYBE ft ALEXIS SIMMONS. Is it possible -seasons limited-
02 MONODELUXE ft DIVINITI. never stpo (toni rox meets soulcraft moving mix) -vibe boutique records-
03 MAHON. Closer (kaytronic uptown saturday nite mix) -R2-
04 VICK LAVENDER ft RJ GREEN. do for love (paris cesvette blatino soul mix) -abicah soul-
05 STERLING ENSEMBLE ft JON SECADA. when nightime falls (frankie feliciano mix) -sterling blue music-
06 PARIS BRIGHTLEDGE. If it's love (markus aurelius funky dub mix) -raisani-
07 VICK LAVENDER ft CARLA PRATHER & SPARROW. the art of conversation (jonny montana master vocal mix) -sophisticado-
08 MIGUEL MIGS ft PEVEN EVERETT. love we had (miguel migs salted dub deluxe) -salted music-
09 MARC EVANS. you can't hide from yourself (muthafunkaz vocal mix) -code red-
10 SOULMAGIC & EBONY SOUL ft ANN NESBY. get your things together (soulmagic funk dub) -purle music-
11 SEB SKALSKI ft BARRY BARONE. better way (original gospel mix) -purple music-
12 RAFFA SCOCCIA & DUCE MARTINEZ. fried neckbones & somehome fries (raffa scoccia the red neckbone) -fizzy wine-
13 YVETTE ROVIRA. let's go out tonight (matthias heilbronn dub) -kisui-
14 ENZYME BLACK. me2u (danny j lewis new jersey scat remix) -enzyme black-

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