jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

For The Love Of Soulful vol. 9

New release of For The Love of Soulful mix series, the ninth.
Soulful, soulful and more soulful ...

I hope enjoy it

Part 1

01- HIPPIE TORRALES fT ROSIE GAINES. never quite de same -mn2s-
02- EDDY meets YANNAH. this is love (bopstar remix vocal) -compost-
03- LEROY BURGESS. it's the weekend (jonny montana & craig stewart mix) -sedsoul-
04- MATTHEW BANDY ft VENNUS CRUZ. time me (jack 2 jazz mix) -soul heaven-
05- TEMPLE MOVEMENT pres. QUEEN AMINAH. all night (all night main mix) -temple movement-
06- DJ POPE ft ADRIAN BLU. a change is gonna come (dj popes pumpin club mix) -jellybean soul-
07- FUMINORI KAGAJO ft ADEOLA RANSON. piece of heaven (sean mccabe dub mix) -king street-
08- DJ OJI & UNA. we lift our hand in the sanctuary (the muthafunkaz vocal remix) -poji-
09- INAYA DAY & RALF GUM. lose my worries (muthafunkaz remix) -gogo music-
10- JONATHAN MEYER ft JUNE GREY. talking alone (main mix) -purple music-
11- EARNSHAW & GILES. deja vu (main musical mission) -duffnote-
12- GRANT NELSON. black water (classic mix) -swing city-

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part 2

01- DANIEL WANG. like some dream -rushour-
02- LATIN SOUL BROTHAS. afroricaness (glenn underground black dynamite rerub) -noble square-
03- DJ GROOVE pres. SOULPREACHES ft NICOLE MITCHELL. summer dreams (carlos vargas mix) -look at you-
04- DORUK OZLEN ft RACQUEL DWYER. i love you (jose carretas) -gotsoul-
05- TY. heart is breaking (funk butcher remix) -bbe-
06- CHRIS PEREZ & LOUIE GORBEA ft QUEEN AAMINAH. somethings gotta give -nite grooves-
07- ELEMENTS OF LIFE ft LISA FISCHER. love will know (dance ritual mix) -vega records-
08- DUTCHICAN SOUL ft ANDREA LOVE. back in the day (ralf gum vocal) -panevino music-
09- JOHNNY DANGEROUS. how deep (groove assassins classic remix) -nite grooves-
10- MDCL pres. SY SMITH. truth (mdcl remix)
11- WAYNE GARDINER ft JAHZARA. Alaways in my dreams (dream dub mix) -CIMA-
12- MISHAL MOORE. it ain't over (kenny dope extended mix) -III fiction-

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